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During our last morning at Idle Primary School we made some special prints with Class 2. We called them ‘Magic Sunshine Prints’ but their real name is Cyanotypes. Cyan is another name for blue. Cyanotypes are a kind of photography. We placed leaves, grasses and flowers on the special paper outside in the sunshine, with a sheet of plastic over the top to hold things down in the wind which was quite blustery. Here is a picture of Viv and some boys creating their cyanotype.

The sunshine makes the paper go dark blue except where the leaves have been, which stays pale blue or white. Its like capturing the shadow of your object. After a couple of minutes in the sun, you put the paper in a bath of water to fix the image.

The children from class 2 made lots of wonderful patterns with their leaves and petals. Angie and Viv had collected all the green things from Buck Wood in the morning and brought them into school. This was the opposite of last week when all the children were collected at school and brought to Buck Wood!

Here is a picture showing just three of the 14 amazing cyantoypes that the children made.


The ferns and the Wild Rose petals are especially beautiful, but you can spot Holly and Oak leaves too.

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Here’s another couple of our very good blue and white plates with their proud makers.


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We’d like to show you all 30 of our lovely blue and white plates but there just isn’t enough room. It was so very hard to choose the ones you can see below because we liked them all.

Well done Lucy, Haleemah, Jake, Emma, Cara-Leigh and Joel!
Well done all of Year 2!




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More exciting news – Artists Angie and Viv have started working with children from Idle Primary School on the See You Outside project. Today Angie and Viv helped children from Year 2 to make some wonderful artworks and on Thursday it will be the turn of lucky children from Year 1.
A few months ago we were looking at the site of the old Open Air School in Buck Wood and we found lots of small pieces of broken pottery. We think they are bits of plates used by children from the old school when they were having their lunch. Angie found a very unusual fragment that shows part of a picture of children having a picnic and round the outside is the Alphabet done in ‘finger spelling’ which is a kind of sign language used by deaf people. Here is a photo of the pieces. You can see the sign for A on the right:
tiny hands
We think this is very interesting and we have found out that lots of children used to have a plate with the Alphabet of letters around the outside of the plate and then further in, the finger spelling alphabet and then, in the middle a lovely picture. Here is an example with some cats in the middle, aren’t they great!
cat plate
Today the children from Idle School have created their very own blue and white plate designs on paper plates. They did a wonderful job and everyone’s design is completely different. The patterns and pictures are all about the old school in Buck Wood and the creatures and plants found in the woodland nearby.
Year 2 also learned how to spell out a message using finger spelling. The message said:

“Greetings from Buck Wood Childen”

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