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We can’t get enough of these beautiful drypoint prints by the young people from Salt Grammar School.
None of the pupils had used an Intaglio process beforehand, and so it is a great achievement to create such accomplished artworks in such a short time and in an open air classroom as well!.


Erica and Shannon’s work conveys the spirit of the sparkling and leafy undergrowth beneath the canopy of trees.


Claire and Lydia have both chosen to focus attention on the wonderful bluebells that carpet the woodland during May.


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Some more wonderful drypoint prints made en plein air on the site of Buck Wood Open Air School:


Adil has captured the different textures of vegetation, bark and pathways within Buck Wood.


Imogen and Laura have observed the growth patterns of trees and the outburst of new leaves in the Spring woodland.

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Here are just a few of the fabulous Drypoint Prints made in our Open Air Studio, revealed in all their Viridian glory.

Jodie and Kiara's prints

Jodie has done well to use so many different and expressive marks in her image.  Kiara’s big leaf has a beautiful simplicity of line.

Vanessa and Connor's prints

Vanessa has very carefully observed the bark on this tree, whilst Connor has depicted the ghostly image of the old school beneath the present day vegetation.

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During our open air printmaking day at Buck Wood we were concentrating so intently on making the prints we didn’t get much chance to take photos, but we did take some that seem to capture the spirit of the day and hopefully give a feel of what its like to make prints en plein air.

Mobile Print Studio

Here is our Gazebo Studio (now known as The Mayfly) in action on the site of the old Open Air School!

Bradford Noth Area Committee has kindly provided funding from the Community Chest for our gazebo and other wet weather equipment, so a big Thank You to them.

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children from the past

Buck Wood has a long and fascinating history. One hundred years ago in 1908, an Open Air School was opened in the woods to provide a healthy environment for children suffering from poverty and illness.

For over 30 years the woods gave health and happiness to thousands of children, with open-fronted classrooms and access to fresh air at all times.

A group of people called The Friends Of Buck Wood have done a great job of clearing away all the undergrowth on the site of the old school and revealing the actual spot where the classrooms used to be.

Our See You Outside project is all about learning to do art outdoors, and so we just had to take the opportunity to bring the Open Air School back to life for a brief moment and to capture the wonderful atmosphere of Buck Wood. Like the ephemeral mayfly that lives for one day only, our outdoor printmaking classroom came into being for just a few hours last Friday. Angie and Viv set up a gazebo on the old school site, followed by our portable etching press, work table and equipment.

Once again we were lucky with the weather and our young people from Salt Grammar School were able to take full advantage of the beautiful woods as inspiration for their Intaglio printmaking. The group worked really hard, rising to the challenge of learning a new and complex skill, and their drypoint prints all turned out to be excellent and surprisingly varied. The open air printmaking was a complete success!

2008 children

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