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The See You Outside project provided opportunities for the young people who participated to directly experience and be inspired by the natural world.

The artwork that resulted was highly varied and exciting, as  you can see from the pictures below:

haiku-book-drawingHaiku poem book, pen and wash on archival manila cover paper, Titus Salt school.


Haiku poem book, digital photography, Titus Salt School.


On-site painting, Buck Wood, Titus Salt school.


On-site painting and collage, Buck Wood, Titus Salt school.


Drypoint print by a student from Titus Salt school,  made outdoors in Colour Out Of Space’s mobile, open air studio, with a portable etching press.


Giant concertina book of leaf drawings by children from Idle primary school.


Tiny Conker books by year 1 children from Idle primary school.


Sketchbooks made in the classroom and used for on-site drawing and painting at Ogden Water Reservoir by children from Brackenhill primary school.


Blue and white pattern paper plates by children from Idle primary school, based on a fragment of an alphabet plate found in the ruins of Buck Wood Open Air School.


Cyanotype photogram made with foliage and flowers collected in Buck Wood.


Reportage writing by Year 2 children from Idle primary school, describing their site-visit to Buck Wood.


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Thursday 8th May saw our group of 11 young people from Salt Grammar School making their first trip to Buck Wood in Thackley with Angie and Viv, along with Arts Project Officer Mrs Graham, and Dr Alvin, a local historian and Chair of the ‘Friends of Buck Wood’.

Buck Wood is a wonderful green space with a very interesting past, and on Thursday, the fabulous warm sunny weather turned it into a magical outdoor art classroom. There will be more information about Buck Wood’s history in a later post and plenty more pictures of the artwork we made. In the meantime, here are some photos that hopefully capture the spirit of our day outside.




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Dry stone walls and wooden fences are a feature of Ogden Reservoir. We have enjoyed seeing the blue and grey water peeking over the top of a stone wall or through the slats of a wooden fence. The water looks especially beautiful when the sun glitters and gleams on the dark surface.


Lukman has captured the rough wooden planks of the fence in this painting.


Nadia had never used a quill pen before but she has made a good drawing of the old stone wall and the trees across the water.


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The Ogden Water Sketchbooks are almost full and have turned out brilliantly with lots of beautiful paintings and drawings. Angie and Viv are very impressed with the artworks especially when you realise that they were mostly created outside, often with only old tree trunks for tables and sometimes it was quite windy, chilly and damp. These wonderful sketchbooks show that working out of doors, surrounded by nature is a great experience and everyone should try it. You will notice loads of new colours, textures, sounds and smells.


Saffiyah’s lively reservoir spreads across two pages of her sketchbook.

This cheerful goose is by Noriea – she has used a goose quill pen to draw with.


Hanah has observed carefully the different trees and plants along the reservoir bank.

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Here is a selection of excellent rabbit pictures created with the amazing earth paint from Ogden Water.

Obeid has made a very colourful painting of a rabbit in the sunshine.


Nayyir’s rabbit has a wonderful shy face.


This rabbit by Zain looks a bit angry!

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Everyone made beautiful artwork in their sketchbooks last wednesday, using lots of different materials and subjects. Tohid made a careful study of the unusual structures that connect the reservoir to the dam and used coloured pencils to show the detail of all the stone work and the iron grid at the top.


Aisha has made a wonderful study of the bridge that curves along the overflow from the reservoir.


Iqra worked very carefully to make this painting of the strange looking Muscovy Duck:


Kellan used the Pentel brushes to make this sensitive study of a Mallard Duck on the water:


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Annie’s Duck

Yesterday we were very brave and spent the day at Ogden Water. It was very cold and damp with hardly any sunshine for our walk around the reservoir. Along the way we stopped to make artworks in our sketchbooks, the ones we made last week in class.

We used a new kind of paintbrush called Aquash made by Pentel. Its like a felt pen but you can fill it up with watercolour paint and choose your own colours. The Aquash brushes are easy to carry around and you don’t need to bring water bottles or palettes. We made pictures of the dark wintery trees, the golden moor and the greyish blue water.

After lunch we used quill pens made from goose feathers to draw the ducks and geese that live at Ogden Water. It was fun to make pictures of birds using feathers. We drew with black ink and white ink on the Manila paper.

Our drawing ink took a long time to dry because the weather was so chilly and damp so while we waited, we watched the ducks fighting over bread. We also collected lots of small, beautiful duck feathers. Back in the Ogden Water Education Room it was lovely and cosy as we packed our bags ready for the coach journey back to Brackenhill. Here are three ducks drawn by Shubhon.


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