Here is another set of six beautiful leaves, this time they are ones made by children from Year 2 Idle Primary School
. You can see how the colours from the salvaged envelope paper make the pictures look different depending on whether they are blue or manila.

Well done Rebecca, Nathan, George, William, Harry and Lucy!

Can you see that an insect has chewed a hole in George’s Ivy leaf?


Lovely Leaves

Here are six lovely leaves made on-site at Buck Wood by children from Year 1 Idle Primary School.  You can see how carefully the children have looked at the different leaf shapes and you can tell which tree they belong to.


Well done William, David, Ellie, Olivia, Courtney and Nathan!

Today we had a brilliant morning and afternoon at Idle Primary School, making lots of artwork with the children from Years 1 and 2. There’ll be lots about that soon, and we’ll show you our pictures. But in the meantime, on the way home Angie and Viv called in to Haworth to get a cup of tea in a café and they saw this Rabbit money-bank in a shop window.


Rabbits remind us of the children from Brackenhill Primary school who were painting pictures of the rabbits at Ogden Reservoir in April, using our fantastic mud paint. But what’s amazing is that this rabbit is made from blue and white china just like the plates the children from Idle Primary school were drawing last week!

On Tuesday The Mayfly (our mobile studio) returned to Buck Wood, dressed in her brightest colours. The fabulous bunting the children from Idle School made last week looks spectacular under the leafy green canopy.


Children from Year 1 and Year 2 were on the site of the old Open Air School all day long, with artists Angie and Viv and lots of helpers. We looked all around where the school used to be, and found more pieces of old plates, medicine bottles and inkwells! Next we went on a tour through the wood, looking at all the wonderful trees, and how their leaves are so many different shapes.

The children very carefully collected a few samples of leaves from each kind of tree to take back to our base. We found Oak, Beech, Holly, Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, Silver Birch, Ash, Rowan and Sycamore, plus the shiny green ivy that grows all around.

The children know that paper is made from trees, and so if we recycle paper we are helping to save trees from being used up too quickly. The paper that Viv and Angie gave the children to use for their artwork was all collected from old envelopes.

We used the paper from the inside of the envelopes – there are Manila ones and dark blue ones and most of all, pale blue ones with loads of different small patterns. All the children enjoyed looking carefully at the leaf shapes and then drawing them using Oil Pastels. Angie and Viv think the leaf artworks are excellent and they are going to make them into a big book.

Very Good Work


Here’s another couple of our very good blue and white plates with their proud makers.


We’d like to show you all 30 of our lovely blue and white plates but there just isn’t enough room. It was so very hard to choose the ones you can see below because we liked them all.

Well done Lucy, Haleemah, Jake, Emma, Cara-Leigh and Joel!
Well done all of Year 2!




More exciting news – Artists Angie and Viv have started working with children from Idle Primary School on the See You Outside project. Today Angie and Viv helped children from Year 2 to make some wonderful artworks and on Thursday it will be the turn of lucky children from Year 1.
A few months ago we were looking at the site of the old Open Air School in Buck Wood and we found lots of small pieces of broken pottery. We think they are bits of plates used by children from the old school when they were having their lunch. Angie found a very unusual fragment that shows part of a picture of children having a picnic and round the outside is the Alphabet done in ‘finger spelling’ which is a kind of sign language used by deaf people. Here is a photo of the pieces. You can see the sign for A on the right:
tiny hands
We think this is very interesting and we have found out that lots of children used to have a plate with the Alphabet of letters around the outside of the plate and then further in, the finger spelling alphabet and then, in the middle a lovely picture. Here is an example with some cats in the middle, aren’t they great!
cat plate
Today the children from Idle School have created their very own blue and white plate designs on paper plates. They did a wonderful job and everyone’s design is completely different. The patterns and pictures are all about the old school in Buck Wood and the creatures and plants found in the woodland nearby.
Year 2 also learned how to spell out a message using finger spelling. The message said:

“Greetings from Buck Wood Childen”